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You can now pay for other people's Uber rides with new Family Profiles

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Need to make sure a family member gets from A to B safely? Well now you can, with the new Family Profiles feature in the Uber app! The new feature will allow up to 10 riders to share one payment method. Pretty convenient right? Check out how to set it up below, it's really easy!

In your settings on the Uber app, select Family Profile, then you go through your contacts and add them (this makes you the organizer, so all receipts come to you for the rides). If you are added to the Family Profile you can request and Uber and then just use the Family Profile as a payment option.

How to use the Family profile option (Credit: Uber)

Only catch is to make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app! The feature is launching first in Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix, hopefully it'll be in the other markets soon. Happy Riding!


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