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The Woman Behind ChicDivaGeek

I’m an IT professional with over 14 years in the field, currently working in cybersecurity. But I love all things tech gadgets, all the new things being developed, you name it, I’m interested in it…I’m a geek. As a web designer I get to combine my technical knowledge with my creativity, and help other businesses. It’s crazy how what started as a blog about tech, has evolved into me designing websites for other businesses as a way to share tech with others!

I’m a wife to an amazing man, and a mother to a teenage boy (who mirrors me in alot of ways lol) but I’m proud of who he’s becoming. I’m also passionate about serving and giving back so if there’s something community-related happening chances are you’ll find me and my family there. So I’ll share those things from time to time here but definitely over on Instagram.

I’m a firm believer that being a geek or a nerd is a compliment, and that there isn’t a certain “way” we look. Not all nerds look like the “Comic Book Guy” from the Simpsons. It’s all in your passion for technology! I’m just fortunate enough that my passion, purpose and career all align.

I believe that we should find our purpose and live it. I’m a huge advocate for women kicking down doors in IT, as well as diversifying this industry. So I teach coding and computer classes to kids in the local Washington, DC area. Kids can’t gravitate to what they aren’t exposed to, so I hope that they see IT or any other STEM field as an option.

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