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Did You Know....

That just 25% of the jobs in IT were held by women? And that just 3% were held by African American women? Those numbers are way too low and I intend to change that or do something that will hopefully change it.

I think that if more kids are introduced to technology or STEM fields early on, that they can grow in it and eventually pursue a career. I stumbled into IT when I was trying to find my way in college. Although I’ve been in this field for over 13 years now, I wish I would’ve started earlier. I wish that when I attended conferences I wasn’t one of the few women there, or one of the few black women. Not that I can’t hold my own, but I know that we are capable of doing the work and adding to this field in amazing ways.

What I'm doing to change it....

I started teaching technology classes to kids at my local recreation center over 5 years ago to introduce the kids in my area to tech. Classes are held on weekends. To further my efforts in exposing kids to technology careers, in 2017 we held the first Flash Technology Summit for kids, that included small workshops exposing them to different types of tech, everything from Audio Visual to coding printers. Make sure you’re subscribed to get notified when the date for next one happens!

Check out some of the past Flash Tech Summit Lunch and Learn Panels

Video recap of the very first Flash Tech Summit

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