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Let's Go to the Movies! Marvel Eternals Edition

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

(Photo: D2D Creative)

My son and I bond over a few things now that he's a teenager, one of them is Marvel movies. Like that's our thing, every movie, we watch the schedules and plan trips to the movies every time. So it was such a cool mom moment for me being able to take him to an advanced screening of Eternals. Now don't worry there aren't any spoilers here because I hate that too. Let's get into our experience because it was really a good night and a special screening.

First, the screening wasn't held in a huge massive multi-screen theater but instead was in an intimate independent theater in Washington, DC, Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market. That added a level of exclusivity and chicness to the experience out the gate. Another thing that made this screening special is that it was hosted by Galludet University. Galludet is a research university for education of the deaf and hard of hearing, and many of the people in attendance used/spoke ASL. My son now wants to learn ASL, he said he thinks it's something everyone should know.

Upon arrival we received popcorn and soda. Then we were lead to our theaters to be seated, but NOT before the security team took our phones and Apple Watch. To help combat piracy they hold your devices until after the movie. You get a ticket to claim it when you leave. But right before the film, there was a Q&A between one of the Eternals, Makkari played by Lauren Ridloff and Galludet Student Angel Piñero. Lauren Ridloff is the first Black and Mexican, Deaf superhero! Like that's huge! And her character is pretty cool in the movie, she's actually one of my favorites.

(photo: D2D Creative)

The film brings in the next group of heroes so well, it lets you get to know each one's story. The action scenes are so good, and graphics well it's Marvel, duh! What I love is how there's references to mythology through the Eternals, listen if you know me you KNOW I love Greek Mythology so I was having little inside laughs and "aha" moments the entire film.

And I know you heard recently that theaters will start having captioned showings of films, this was one, and I enjoyed that because sometimes I miss a little dialogue. Now I'm not gonna hold you but if you've been to a Marvel film before you already know to get comfortable, well this isn't any different, the film has a run time of 2 hours and 37 mins. But it's worth every minute, and you have to stay for the post credit let all the credits roll before you leave.

I promised no spoilers, and there aren't any, but definitely go see Eternals in theaters today! Great outing for the family or your Marvel crew lol. Thank you to Marvel and Galludet University for the opportunity to see it early!

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