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When Apps are used for good, Appolition uses spare change to help People post bail

Coding to me is where technology and creativity meet.  The possibilities are nearly endless for creating viable solutions to address societal needs. People being arrested and sitting in jail awaiting trial because they aren't able to make bail is one such problem.  As we see within the community and in publicized instances, such as the Kalief Browder story, they'll sit in jail for extremely long periods awaiting their trial dates.  This is before they've even been convicted of the crime. All because the bail they need to post is out of their reach.  The Appolition app intends to help change that.

What is it?Appolition works in the way some popular savings apps do but it takes your spare change and donates it to National Bail Out to help those who are unable to afford bail.  You simply have to link your credit/debit cards and spend as you normally would. Your spare change is what is donated. It rounds your purchase up to the nearest dollar and when it reaches at least $.50 in spare change it's automatically donated. The app was co-founded of King Cortney known as @FakeRapper on Twitter.  He and his co-founder sought to address the societal issue of people not being able to afford bail. He's also the founder of Trans*H4ck, a non-profit organization that focuses on fostering community and helping provide visibility for transgender techies and founders. You can create an account and start donating today here.

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