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Weekend in Miami with the Mitsubishi Mirage

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage in Infrared Hello to my wonderful readers! Summer is drawing to a close, and like most of you I had the opportunity to take a vacation. It was definitely needed and I had the opportunity to zip around Miami in the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage! Now this is a subcompact vehicle but boy does it have alot packed in it! Now let me first tell you that I drive a small SUV on a normal basis so this is definitely not my normal set of wheels, completely the opposite. When I first got in, looking around and adjusting my seat I noticed no ignition, but it had "push-button" start. That made me excited! My current vehicle doesn't have it. But moving right along, I did say subcompact but I didn't feel that way at all when I sat down, there was plenty of leg room and the seats were also comfortable.

Myself getting into the Mitsubishi Mirage

Trunk space on the Mitsubishi Mirage I drove around for three days and the gas tank went only down to about half a tank...I wish this was something that my actual vehicle did, but alas, small SUV. It boasts 37 mpg in the city and about 44 on the highway. The handling on it was great, for moving in and out of Miami traffic and also fitting into small parking spots down on South Beach. The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage starts at $12,995 so easy on the wallet right out of the gate. But what would a car for me be without technology in it?? It has a USB port to charge your smartphone or play music from, the touchscreen LCD display made it easy for me to access the settings for the radio, or get to the built in navigation system. Oh and it even comes with a rear view camera! You see what's behind you even when others may not see you (even though in a bright red car I find it hard that you couldn't).

Touchscreen console in Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage rear (about to hit streets of Miami)

Overall I was pleased with the overall experience of the car. This is a great vehicle if you are just starting out so if you have teenagers out there and looking for a first vehicle this would be a great option. Especially with all the technology...oh did I mention it has Bluetooth connectivity, so your new driver can keep their concentration on the road. By it being a subcompact car it does only house a 3-cylinder engine, so has good speed, but there is a difference if you've driven a truck or a vehicle with 4 or 6 cylinders. Which with new drivers probably isn't a bad thing. It's also a good option for a secondary vehicle if you do a lot of running around or you live in a major city, such as Miami or Washington, DC. I couldn't drive it every day as my son is almost my height and I do alot of charity work, errands, and more that require me to have a tad bit more room.

*Disclosure: Product or service was provided for free or at reduced cost in exchange for my review, opinions are my own*

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