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Want to up your bed's IQ, Smartduvet might be able to help

"This porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold" sounds familiar right? Well except this time we're talking about your bed.  How many times have you gone to sleep freezing and then wake up in the night sweating?  I know I'm not alone.  You want it to be just right...Well we've got smart fridges, smart TV's, thermostats, etc, so why not a SmartDuvet?

What's a Smart Duvet? OK so the name of course implies that there is something better than average about this duvet (if you don't know a duvet is a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets). So this isn't the duvet you buy at Ikea.  The Smartduvet helps create the perfect bed climate for you to sleep in oh and that's not the part...IT MAKES ITSELF!! Yes the Smartduvet can make itself. I need this for my son's room, it's literally something that takes a few minutes and he just *sighs*   It has a companion app that allows you to set the temperature of the bed before you get in it. There's nothing worse than getting into an ice cold bed...just nope!  The Smartduvet allows you and your partner to have different temperature settings on your sides of the bed. I'm always cold well that's the way my extremities feel most times, ask my husband lol.  You can choose a preset time to make the bed or you can simply push the button and make the bed right then.  I have alot going on most mornings so if I could automate something it's beyond appreciated!

But Howwww Does it work? Ok so you can't just walk in the store and get it. It doesn't come in coordinating colors, so how does it provide this great innovation and match my decor?? The Smartduvet actually goes into your existing duvet and duvet cover.  It comes in sizes for all beds; Twin, Full, Queen, King and even California King.  Another little nugget I didn't know, moisture attracts dustmites *ewwww* so by reducing the amount of sweat it's making your bed more sanitary too. The Smartduvet retails for $249 and it's currently available for pre-order and expected to ship in March.

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