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Wait...There's an app for....CoParenting??

Okay so the ideal situation for raising a child is married couple then a child, or the parents being together. Even if the parents get married, divorces happen and custody battles alot of times are difficult. So while I was scrolling the web, I saw this app come up, AppClose, The Essential Toolkit for co-parenting. *insert the thinking (perplexed) emoji here*

I definitely don't think this app is the answer to successful co-parenting by any means the most vital are communication and follow through. But what this app appears to do is to make those things a little easier. Syncs schedules for visits or time that's to be spent with the other parent, allows for reimbursements for expenses (with a feature to upload receipts too) and a messaging tool for you and the other parent to communicate and also to communicate with your attorney. All of this information is stored on the system's servers even if it's removed from your phone.

I'm almost positive an attorney came up with this, because there is a companion app for attorneys. Through their side they can track their billable hours, accept payments and send invoices.

Technology literally is permeating every aspect of our lives. The app is free (this include any fees from your attorney) and is available for iOS and Android.


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