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Up the countertop IQ, Check out the June Smart Oven

I'm a geek let's get the obvious out the way but I'm also a mother, wife, and have a house.  So lately the only things that really get me excited are gadgets and things for the house. (Maybe I'm just getting old lol) I recently just got an air fryer!!! You guys seriously don't know how excited that makes me.  But I came across this June Smart Oven...I'm here for the IOT (Internet of Things) and ALL the smart appliances that come with it.  So let me get into the details on this intelligent oven... The June oven kind of does it all, well not the prep but still.  It's seven appliances in one! An air fryer, a convection oven, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, and warming drawer.  As someone who has limited counter space, and puts up appliances often, this would help alot! And what would a smart appliance be without a fancy touch screen? The June oven has a 5-inch LCD touchscreen to set and interact with it.

It looks fancy but what makes it smart?

Well, it gives you the ability to set your oven and view your food from your smartphone! So no forgetting about the food, or in my case having to keep getting up to go check the food in the oven. You can check a live video  feed from your phone via the June App (which is available on iOS and Android) .  It has over 100 cooking presets to get your meal done fast and cooked to perfection!  It is checking on your food more than you do lol The June oven collects data from six fast and energy efficient carbon-fiber heating elements, two convection fans, a precise platinum wire temperature sensor and a high-precision glass bead food-thermometer to ensure this.  The data is processed once a second! The June Oven also gets automatic updates via a WiFi connection, which also add new functionality to it and it is Alexa enabled.  So you can use voice commands to turn the oven for dinner.  The June Oven retails for $599.

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