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Unbuntu unveils Mobile OS

photo courtesy of The best open source OS has finally made it's way into the mobile market. The Unbuntu phone is touted a full PC experience on your phone. The mobile OS touts a much less cluttered home screen and is designed around the Android platform, so no fear for lack of applications. The Unbuntu mobile OS has a welcome screen that changes and becomes more personalized based off the way you use the device. The search feature not only finds things on your phone but also pulls information from online retailers, such as Amazon. Since the OS doesn't have to worry about Java overhead, it makes it faster and can run on less expensive devices. HTML5 is fully supported in Unbuntu. The phones are also able to dock to become full PCs, which would make it intruiging to enterprise IT and coporations. The Unbuntu mobile phone is backed by Canonical, which is a global software vendor. Major developers, like EA, Unity Technologies, and Valve Software are already committed to Unbuntu now. I for one, can't wait to get my hands on one of these, even if it's a test run, I like Unbuntu on the PC , very stable, and not to mention a free OS. Unbuntu

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