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Tracked my phone usage for a couple of weeks, here's what happened

What's your morning routine? After your alarm goes off what's the first thing you do?  For alot of us we grab our cell phone and that's how our day starts. Now for some of us it is our alarm clock, but do you sit it right back down or do you check your notifications? Be honest....we all do it. We check into our social sites to see what we missed, what our friends are doing, etc, etc. I go for hours without picking up mine, but sometimes it's in my hand every 5 minutes.  So I downloaded an app that would track my usage to see how my phone use actually broke down.  I really want to maximize my time or at least dodge procrastination a bit if I can. I downloaded an the Moment app to help me get a better idea.

Well what happened? The Moment app is free with a few premium features you can pay for but for the basic stuff like tracking your phone and app usage that's free.  After a couple of weeks ( it's been a busy couple of weeks so don't judge me) I went to analyze my app usage.  Welp there wasn't any..because apparently I didn't take a battery screenshot so that Moment could analyze it. So I followed the steps to have the app analyze my app usage by going to my settings-->battery-->then toggling the little clock on the right side where it shows the percent used.  And ta-da! It shows you how long in minutes you've utilized an app for the past 24 hours.

Sooo why do I need the moment app? I don't really, so after weeks of letting this run in the background (my phone battery isn't all that great now so this didn't help) I figured out that I don't need the app to help me know how much I was using what apps.  Now we know social media can be a productivity black hole, so I figured why not take a good look at it to help focus a little better this year.

Here's how my usage panned out Ok so it wasn't terrible on average my phone is in my hand about 5 hours a day according to the Moment app.  It did also  put into perspective how often I pick up my phone, I believe as of Monday it was at 61 pickups. But for the app breakdown (which I got from my settings on my iPhone), well Instagram is my top used app, totaling an hour at least a day, followed by Facebook, then Twitter, and my messages app.  Now that isn't the average that's just for the past 24 hours as of Tuesday January 9th. I had downtime since there was an early dismissal for schools.  But I know I can check this on my own right in the settings so I can improve that, and focus more on the tasks or task at hand. Remembering to do a daily screenshot to have analyzed is a no for me because well I'll forget and then the information is already there. Check your battery settings now and let me know what you top 5 are for the last 24 hours, or you can toggle the settings and have it show for the week too.

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