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Tis the Season, to learn code!

First sorry for the extended hiatus, studying for my upcoming certifications and life took priority. But now that I am back I wanted to share with you this awesome little find. As you know, or may not know it is Computer Science Education week. The people over at Made with Code (which is apart of Google) have an initiative called Code the Holidays. This allows for you to do some basic coding and your code will light up a tree in the nation's capital! How cool is that. You go to the site and then click on the Code the Holidays button and the site walks you through how to use code to set up the lights on your tree. Literally there are step by step directions to it. You even get to choose the color of the lights and the pattern. Once you are finished you select one of the 56 state/territory trees that your code will go on. ( I am aware there are only 50 states, we're counting the US territories as well) That's it! It gives you a date and time that your code will go live on the tree you selected. Pretty neat right? Check out my tree below.

You can also share your coding holiday cheer on your social media outlets and you can download a gif of your tree. So check them out here: ~ChicDivaGeek

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