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Tips and Tricks for iOS 8

Ok so by now you've downloaded iOS 8 and noticed that visually there aren't huge changes, not like in previous releases of iOS but there are some changes that are pretty handy, and some that you may just find annoying. Well of course with any major upgrade, there are some settings that need can be modified. Apple included a Tips app to help guide users through the newest version of iOS. But here are some pretty handy ones if you haven't bothered to check that one out. So of course if you double-tap the home button the app switcher screen comes up, and as I am sure you've noticed, you get your recent contacts and your favorites at the top. If you don't like this feature, go to Settings-->Mail, Contacts, and Calendars-->scroll down to Show in App Switcher and you can disable/enable Phone Favorites or Recents. There is also the new battery usage feature, that allows you to see which app is gobbling up the battery on your device, go to Settings-->General-->Usage-->Battery Usage. Apple also touted the "Hey Siri" feature which enables hands free use of Siri. This has to be enabled in Settings-->General-->Siri-->Allow "Hey Siri". This feature only works if you are plugged into power, so no walking down the street talking to Siri without pushing the button. There are a few new wallpapers included as well, if you want a new background for your device. Even though you can also just snag a picture from your collection or the internet and achieve the same thing. Another handy trick in the Safari browser, you can request the Desktop version of a website by clicking on the URL (web address) and then swiping down from that are and you will get the option to either "Add to Favorites" or "Request Desktop Site". So far, I like the new iOS 8, what do you think? ~ChicDivaGeek

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