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Tidying Up your tech

Right about now your feeds are probably flooded with people's plans for the new year.  People are preparing to start the new year fresh and one way I've always tried to start each new year, besides doing a vision board *reminds me I need to get on that* is to clean up. Clean the house, get rid of things you aren't using, etc, etc.  Well you know that old iPad you don't (or can't) use, or that old desktop that you don't even power on anymore? You can toss that stuff too, well not literally, you might even be able to get some cash for it.

Trade it in Technology is great but it is constantly out-dating itself.  As soon as you get your hands on the current BIG thing the next BIG thing is on it's way! With that being said we're constantly purchasing new devices or other tech items. You've got a couple options, the first one being trade it in to see if you can get some money for it.  Now again you're not going to get your full purchase price for it.

*Sidenote* Anyone remember taking your old video games you spent $50 on and then only getting like $8 for them??

Amazon But anyway....First place to get money for your old tech would be Amazon. Now this actually shouldn't be a surprise, but I have never used their trade-in program for electronics, I have used it for books though.  Very simple process.  Now you don't get cash from it but instead you get an gift card (and really that's as good as cash because you can buy just about anything on there).  You can trade old gaming systems, tablets, phones, and even smart watches.

NextWorth Same simple concept with a different provider.  You get an instant quote for your old  device by answering questions about it.  Then you get a prepaid shipping label from NextWorth and then you can track your old tech from shipping through the inspection process to payment.  Did I mention they provide free insurance on the items you send them? Key difference you get the option to receive a check or PayPal payment for your devices.

Recycle it Now of course you can't salvage everything and sometimes you just need to get rid of it period.  But with it not being paper, plastic or leftovers from Popeye's, you can't just throw it out with the trash.  So there are some companies that take your items and properly dispose of them for you,  no seriously there are rules about this stuff.   Best Buy takes items for recycling, Staples, Office Max and more.  Here is a list from the EPA website that can point you in the right direction of properly disposing of your tech.

Tech Tip..ALWAYS Wipe your devices, tablets, hard drives before trading in or recycling them One more idea, if you've got younger kids or know a family that doesn't have a computer or device, you can always gift it to them. Now this doesn't mean give someone the old tower PC you have in your basement, but if it's not too old why not? You're not using it.  Do you have any tech items you have to toss out? Or maybe you're not sure so you're going to look into seeing if they are worth some money?
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