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Things you may not have know you could do in Canva


(photo: Pexels)

So if you've been following along and reading for a while, then you know Canva is bae! Like I love it. You can create practically anything in it; marketing materials, IG stories, highlight covers, Facebook banners, logos...heck I've even used it to make a certificate. But what I love most is that they are constantly adding new features for creatives and the 'not-so' creative to take advantage of. So here are some of the coolest features you may not know about yet!

Content Planner

Nowadays planning is how you best get things done...every social media workshop I've been too, every marketing expert I follow all emphasis it's easier to plan your content ahead of time than it is to do it in real time. This is especially true if you're using any type of social graphic that you create or use to share information/tips. Canva now has a content planner!

You can go to the Content Calendar and either pick the day and create a post then assign it and schedule it for a platform, or you can assign a graphic you already created. Unfortunately it doesn't have the ability to schedule to Instagram but still having it queued up so all you have to do is download it from the app. You can schedule posts out to Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack and Tumblr.

Voiceover recording for your presentations

Ok so being able to create a slideshow presentation in Canva, but did you know you can now voice record over your presentation. This is a feature that's still in beta, but really cool. So you create your presentation in Canva, and then share them via a link for people to watch or you to playback. It gives the full presenter effect with you visually in a little circle in the lower third of the screen.

To use this feature, create your presentation, then instead of downloading it, select present, then select the "present & record" option, it'll then say take you to the Recording Studio and count you down to record your presentation.

Upload your own custom fonts

You have your brand guide all set to go, all locked up, but you need to make sure any new content or materials you create follow it right? While Canva has tons, and I do mean tons of fonts but sometimes what we're looking for isn't there. You can upload your own font! Just go to the Brand Kit on the left side of the screen, scroll down and you can upload the .ttf file of your font. You can also set your brand colors and fonts, so they are readily available whenever you're creating.

Remove background from your images for overlays and transparency

If you're looking up your flyers or other graphics, want to incorporate an image into a design but the background doesn't fit. You can remove the background from the photo, without having to use Photoshops. It's literally like 2 clicks! Add the photo, with the photo selected in the design, go to Effects, then select "background remover". That's it!

Videos anyone?

Listen video editing is a JOB, and a skillset that isn't my wheelhouse. The video templates in Canva allow you to create more polished videos for your business. If you're starting out in making YouTube videos or need one for marketing, there's soo many templates. And of course, the ability to upload and drag and drop things you want in the video. So effects titles, you can add that too!

Now it worth saying that some of these features are only available through Canva's Pro subscription, which is like $12/month. That's a steal really, it's totally worth it in my opinion. The decision to go pro was a no brainer for me. But have you tried any of these features in Canva? What's your favorite use for Canva?

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