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The ShadeScout App: Helping you find the perfect shade of makeup to complete your look!

Photo: ShadeScout

You ever see a that perfect shade of red or pink and think this would be perfect but struggle to find it in an actual cosmetic store? Well thanks to ShadeScout you can! This handy app let's you take the color inspiration you find in everyday life and helps you find the makeup to match it.

You use the app to take a picture of that perfect color, then you let ShadeScout Makeup color app search through it's database of products from over 40 major cosmetic brands to find it or what most closely matches it. Another awesome feature of the app is it allows for virtual makeovers in the app! So you can apply the colors to see how they will look on you before you go all the way to the store just to realize that you love the color just not on you. It covers the range of makeup products eye-shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, foundation and more. Even better, you don't have to leave the app to purchase it, there's a built-in purchase option!

Scout Makeup Color Search App (photo: ShadeScout)

Scout Makeup Color Search App (photo: ShadeScout)

Virtually try on the makeup from your favorite brands (photo: ShadeScout)

But guess what? ShadeScout also has an app to help you find the perfect nail polish color to match as well! ShadeScout Nails will help you match that subtle hint of blue or teal in your shirt to your nails! And just like the makeup app you can try out the polish virtually as well and purchase right from inside the app!

ShadeScout nails app (photo: iTunes)

ShadeScout nails app (photo: iTunes)

ShadeScout makeup is available for Android (no word on when Nails app will be available) while both the ShadeScout Makeup and Nails are available for iPhone so what are you waiting for, go check them out! You can even post and share your virtual looks to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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