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The new MySpace: Overview

So I am sure that you have heard about the ressurection of MySpace, courtesy of Justin Timberlake. It has some of the old features of MySpace but some new ones as well. I logged in to poke around.... The website itself has undergone a major aesthetic overhaul, which may not be such a bad thing. When I left MySpace it was like the amateur's playground for horrible website design. But the look for the new MySpace is cleaner, more picture and visual based. The site scrolls horisontally instead of vertically. You also want to make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. You can sign up with your Facebook account, your Twitter account or simply use your email address to get started. You can update your profile photo, and also your cover image, which unlike Facebook is is literally the entire webpage and not the header space behind your cover photo. It's similar to Twitter in that you can have people who you are connected to and those who are connected to you; so basically, people who you follow and those who follow you. There is also the option to have a profile song, but unlike old MySpace, it doesn't force you to listen to it as soon as you visit someone's page. Along with the revamp there is a music player at the bottom, that you can listen to no matter where you are on the site, you can build playlists and there is an option to listen to radio stations, kind of like Spotify. So it's like they've taken someone the features from each social media/music platform and they are now all in one place, but it is a decided leap from the old MySpace. So will you sign up for the New MySpace or are you over the whole thing?

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