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The AskDC App, an app every woman should have installed on her phone

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In today's society it's common for girls to go out in groups, or meet up for drinks after work. In "walkable" cities, which DC is aiming to be, this is even more common. You can catch an Uber, a bus, train, or depending on where you live you can walk. But although we're independent navigating the city streets alone isn't always a safe option. But the AskDC app was designed to help provide an extra piece of safety right from your smartphone.

The AskDC is a project of the Men Can Stop Rape and the DC Mayor's Office. With the app, you can get immediate access to emergency services in the event of sexual assault, confidentially and for free. It also provides information and access to legal services, resources and information for victims and survivors of sexual violence, as well as access to talk to real person 24/7. The app also has a panic button feature that will automatically dial 911 in case of emergency, as well as a function that will send emergency notifications and messages to selected contacts.

AskDC app screen (Photo: App Store)

AskDC screen (Photo: App Store)

Along with the AskDC app, the UAskDC app was also developed to provide help to victims of sexual assault on any of the nine college campuses in DC. The app is practically identical to the AskDC app but is tailored with one additional feature which allows for the users to find on campus help. Like it's sister app, it offers these services confidentially and free. WPGC On-Air personality (M-F 10am-3pm), Sunni, hosted a an event at George Washington University last week centered on the app and had this to say about it

"I love this app especially for women that are out and about on the social scene and dating. You have a panic button and a quick way to contact authorities in case you get into trouble. Also you can link as many friends as you want from your contacts and it will send your GPS location with the push of one button. Definite MUST download for my ladies" ~Sunni

If you're near a computer you can also access these same resources online at AskDC and UAskDC are available for both Android and iPhone. Just go to the Google Play store or the App Store for iPhone and search AskDC. You've got a million apps on your phone, why not actually have one on there that you need?


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