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Technology hipsters, meet Hemingwrite!

Who remembers typing papers on a typewriter, the attention to detail, so you didn't make mistakes because there was no backspace or undo feature? Most of this generation won't know what a typewriter is, but there was a point in time when it was the best thing to happen to a writer or anyone who wanted their work to look professional. Well Hemingwrite offers that with a modern twist. The Hemingwrite is touted on it's kickstarter as a "minimalist digital typewriter that offers writers a retreat from over-connectivity". This is actually quite refreshing in a time where your phone essentially can perform all the functions that your desktop can perform and you are constantly connected to the world via social media. Now of course the are some other things that make the Hemingwrite different, it has a digital paper screen, full size keyboard, wifi connectivity, and 4+ weeks of battery life. It also allows for secure cloud backups for your documents. The goal is to provide you with a writing experience sans distractions, i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Ironically I am working from a computer with two screens and about 12 tabs open so I am all too familiar with the distractions.

The Hemingwrite is going for $349 to KickStarter backers until January 23, 2015. The first batch is expected for delivery in September 2015. It will go up to $499 when it goes to retail. Check out the kickstarter campaign here: ~ChicDivaGeek

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