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Tech Accessory: Speck CandyShell INKED case

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Nowadays there aren't too many of us who don't have smartphones and with the costs of these devices we are all looking for something to protect these investments. Our first thought is will this save my phone if I drop it, because honestly who hasn't dropped their phone? But then we are given all of these options that are very protective but not much to look at.......Enter, Speck's Candyshell INKED case!

This case is not only fashionable but it protects my phone! It has the gorgeous floral design but is also built to military impact and shock specifications so it's cute and tough! And you would think with all of this durability that the case would be the equivalent to a small tank, but that is definitely not the case, it is slim, and doesn't add much bulk or extra to the phone.

The case is rubber on the inside, easy to put on to the phone but snug, the outer-shell is hard. It also has scratch resistant coating to protect the beautiful design. I was sent this case to review, and I must say so far I am obsessed with it, the look, the feel, and the fact that I no longer have a tank on my phone. Am I the only person that feels like you have a new phone when you get a new case on it? Also on the back of the package there is a QR code for you to get matching wallpapers for your phone!

Now although I have an iPhone 5S, Speck makes cases for HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, and Samsung, they've even got cases for tablets and for Macbooks! The current retail of my case seen here, Speck CandyShell INKED Bold Blossoms, retails for $39.95. This case is awesome and lets me add a splash of femininity to my technology. Be sure to check what other cool products they offer at ~ChicDivaGeek

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