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In Case You Missed it...Apple Event Recap

Morning! So much to share following Apple's Annual September event yesterday so I will spare you my stories and things for now...let's get into what was announced and what you may have missed! Don't worry I'll start with the good stuff first....

iPhone(s)...yes you read that right more than one! We were all expecting Apple to announce a new phone, they have been doing this for a decade now, same pattern, nothing new right?  But we always wait with baited breath for the features of said new phone and how it will look.  Well they didn't disappoint.  First up was the iPhone 8 (makes sense if you're following numerical order, right?).  The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be made of glass on both the front and the back. *Invest in a good case now if you're upgrading* But the bezel is aluminum.  It is also engineered to be both waterproof and dustproof.  It'll come in three colors, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.  They'll also have HD Retina displays on both models. But wait, somehow they managed to improve the camera on this model *glares at my 6s as I simultaneously try to find a way to drop it*.  Both models come with a 12 megapixel camera with a faster sensor, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), and deeper pixels for taking way better photos and in better detail!  Oh and did I mention that it will be able to take 4K video?? So not only better pictures but better video too! Oh and if you get the iPhone 8 Plus, it now comes with Portrait Lighting..those amazing photos taken in Portrait Mode will have the equivalent to studio lighting in the palm of your hand! But moving along to a feature that I've been waiting for what seems like forever...WIRELESS CHARGING! It was a long time coming but the new iPhone will have it.  The wireless charging works with Qi technology and Apple even announced the AirPower charging mat that will be able to charge your new phone, Apple Watch 3, and the new air pods. And while I was all wrapped up in nerdy excitement, thinking this new phone is gonna be great! Apple says but wait there's more....the Apple iPhone X (Pronounced "ten" not "X").  I know you guys may be thinking they skipped 9 in the number sequence right? Well this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone so this was fitting.  Of course this has the bar set for it out the gate, it's a marker for the iPhone itself and well you can't follow-up the announcement of the iPhone 8 with something less right? The iPhone X comes with everything you'd get in the 8 but better, it has Super Retina Display, edge to edge OLED screen.  They've completely removed the home button but who needs that when you can unlock your phone with your face?? Yes the iPhone X comes with FaceID. With the help of the TrueDepth camera system on the front, it will use infrared camera, dot projector and a flood illuminator (so it work in the dark) to recognize your face and unlock your phone just by looking at it. Oh and that TrueDepth camera system on the front..with the 7 megapixel camera brings Portrait mode to your selfies!! So selfies are about to be taken up another notch (well if you get the iPhone X). Oh and I forgot a little fun feature, Animojis, emojis that take on your facial expressions, and they can be sent with your words too! So when can you get your hands on these new devices? The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus orders open this Friday September 15th and will be available on September 22nd.  Retail prices start at $699 for the 64GB model.  The iPhone X will be available to order on October 27th, and in stores November 3rd, retail starting at $999.  Both will run the new iOS 11. iOS 11 in it's official form will be available September 19th!

Apple Watch and Watch OS 4 So iPhone wasn't the only Apple device getting new family members yesterday, Apple also announce Apple Watch series 3.  Now I'm not a watch person at all, not even a bracelet person really but the most exciting development for the Apple Watch has to be that it will have cellular capability independent of the iPhone! It no longer has to be tethered to your phone to make phone calls, answer messages, etc.  It won't have another number it will use the same number you have for your iPhone so no worries there. Another feature I thought worth noting since heart issues are so prevalent especially in the black community is the Heart Rate app, which comes in Watch OS 4. It will be able to detect it your heart rate elevates while you're not purposely being active such as working out, physically exerting yourself.  It will then alert you.  If you're going to be using this device for workouts and training your heart plays a huge part in that.  So kudos to Apple. The Apple Watch Series 3 can be ordered this Friday September 15th and will be available September 22nd. Retail pricing starting at $399. Whew but if you wish to go back and watch the keynote in it's entirety or just want to relive it for nerd euphoria you can watch it here. Soooo should I aim for the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X? Decisions...Decisions...which one will you get? Are you gonna get the new Apple Watch?

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