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Tablet Wars: Google's Nexus 7

Another day, another tablet enters market, right? Well this is Google's first forray into the market and they are doing so with quite a bang. Check out the Nexus 7. It is available from most retailers for $199. Which is the same price as the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Photo Courtesy of It enters the already fiercely competitive tablet market at a portable 7" (Apple's iPad 2 is 9.5"). The 1280x800 display is covered with scratch resistant Corning® glass. It boasts over one million pixels for a stunning display. Of course since it is Google made, it is running the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 mobile OS. Check out some of the other features below:

  1. over 9 hours of video playback

  2. 10 hours of web browsing

  3. up to 300 hours of stand-by time

  4. Quad-core gaming capabilities w/ over 600, 000 apps available on Google Play

  5. Chrome web browser is built-inSo for the price you are paying you are getting quite a bit, so honestly it depends on the preference of the consumer and what features are important to you. Will you be purchasing the new Google Nexus 7 tablet.

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