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Step Up Your Nail Glam with Preemadonna: Instantly printing nail art from your phone!

Preemadonna NailBot (Photo: Preemadonna)

If you're like me and most girls I know, then you have tons of polish but how often do you want that little something extra? I mean they sell those little instant press on designs at the beauty stores, or you can get polish with flecks of glitter or one that changes color (mood polish). But how about instead of going to the nail shop you let your smartphone do your nails? *I mean it's 2015 why not?*

The Nailbot by Preemadonna will allow you to do just that! The Nailbot prints pictures, images, emojis or art you've designed yourself right onto your fingernail. It's compatible with both iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6s; As well as Galaxy S4 and S5 . The NailBot works with the Preemadonna app, which is where you select your images, that you want printed on your phone. Now you do have to use a special white base coat and pre-print coat on your nails prior to printing your design. After you print the design on to your fingernail like most manicures you apply a top coat to protect it. It uses HP Thermal inkjet technology currently, not sure how this will effect pricing or supplies yet as this is still in development. But oh think of the possibilities.

Preemadonna smartphone app (photo: Preemadonna)

Preemadonna smartphone app (photo: Preemadonna)

I think the thing that really gets my attention about this product besides loving a cute nail design is that it takes it's idea a step further and is engaging young girls in technology! Since the Nailbot is opensource Community Partners or members of the Preemadonna Ambassador program can help teach young girls how to code and program the device! The Maker Preemadonna which is an unofficial Nailbot is a DIY printer kit that comes with a handheld, portable printer, and allows for the girls to learn how to program a touch screen interface and create their own designs.

As I am a HUGE advocate of young girls getting involved in tech or at least being introduced to it, this makes me very happy. Technology is to improve lives and innovations like this will help girls connect to it in a way that they enjoy. You can still support them on IndieGoGo. The Nailbot is expected to start shipping in late 2016.

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