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Some like it hot..some like it cold but there's an app that'll put an end to that cubicle nation ...

Comfy App (Photo: Comfy Press)

You walk into your office in the middle of the summer and you wrap yourself in a sweater...sound familiar? Well for me I know it happens almost every day by me working around servers and large systems our office is always cold. My space heater gets a regular workout year round, and currently I keep a sweater or something on my chair...mind you it's almost officially summer. So I got excited when I ran across the Comfy App. The Comfy App allows for myself and fellow residents of cubicle nation to regulate the temperature in their respective areas from the palm of their hand (or surface of their tablet). Now this is done by Comfy connecting to the building's existing HVAC system. On demand if you're feeling chilly you not so comfy (I know, I couldn't help it lol) you can request a stream of warmer or colder air with the push of a button. As the app is used and requests are made Comfy then makes adjustments to suit your preferences... in other words it learns!

Comfy App Screen (Photo: Comfy) Comfy is primarily software based with the exception of one piece of hardware to allow communications between the building network and Comfy. Building Engineers can also get access to the controls or interface through a secure website. There is a monthly subscription fee associated with the service (of course) but to get people to stop touching the thermostat or complaining I'm sure a few companies wouldn't mind. ~ChicDivaGeek

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