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Smartphones, Smartwatches, now Smart Credit Cards??

Does adding smart to the beginning of something make it better? Phones became more than just phones when we attached smart to it, as did watches. Well add one more to the list..Smart Credit Cards. Now what exactly is a smart credit card? The idea is that you can have all of your cards linked with one piece of plastic instead of having to fumble to find the card in your wallet with the least amount of charges, or the one that offers rewards at a particular place. The cards will have a bluetooth chip that will enable the connection between different cards but still look like your standard credit card. Oh and not only can you put credit cards and bank cards, but those rewards cards for the grocery store can by synced too. How will I know which card I am using? Well, let's take a look at Stratos. You simply tap the card and you are able to select which card you want to use with that transaction. Now of course I am sure you're thinking, if I lose this ONE card then I'm screwed right? Well no, the Stratos card uses bank level encryption and you can lock down the card it you lose it or in the event it's stolen. It also never displays your full card number, so during the next data breach at your favorite store (there's always one) you won't have to worry about your information.

When you first get the card you will need to swipe your cards, using the Stratos Reader to scan all your cards into the Stratos App (which works for both Android 4.4 and iOS 8.1.1 and later). Currently they are taking pre-orders to reserve the Stratos Card for $95. Will you be doing some card consolidation and investing in the Stratos card? ~ChicDivaGeek

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