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Saving is Chic: Download these apps to help you save some money

I don't know a single person who doesn't like to save money, so why not use your smartphone to do it? I've got a couple of apps on my phone that allow you to get cashback for doing what you're already going to I'm not talking about for things you would have to go out of your way to buy, but your normal everyday budget groceries and gas.


This little app let's you redeem your regular shopping trips for cash back. So those trips to the grocery store, Walmart, etc. You can earn money back from them! It takes a few steps but it's pretty easy. You unlock rebates inside the app prior to going shopping then, scan the barcodes on the product, then scan your receipts! For some of their stores you can even link your loyalty card, so like Food Lion, Giant. It is available on iOS and Android.

Ibotta Screen (Photo: iTunes)

Ibotta Screen (Photo: iTunes)


If you have a car, then you are clearly familiar with the pain at the pump. Well with Upside you can get cash back for filling up your gas tank. No seriously! Upside literally gives you cash back for something you're going to do anyway (sensing a theme with this post?). It's really easy, you simply open the app, it searches the area you're in for participating gas stations and you can pick which offer to claim. Did I mention that it offers cash back incentives for items purchased in the store too? So you can fill up your tank grab a lemonade and some chips and earn some coins in the process. I always open the app and I pick the gas station with the highest cash back. You have to upload a picture of your itemized (so you need to go inside after you've filled up) receipt when you are done. It also doesn't work with cash transactions.

Upside Screen (Photo: iTunes)

Upside Screen (Photo: iTunes)

You can choose to have your cashback mailed to you (why not entirely sure) or you can connect your PayPal account and have it transferred there. The's a DC area startup! The bad it's only servicing the DC area now, but I really hope this takes off and will be in other areas so everyone can save! It is available on iOS and Android.

Happy Savings!


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