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Review: My Week with the Mazda 6

Me loving the moonroof on the Mazda 6

I am constantly on the go and last week was no different, well except I got to make all of my weekly routines in the 2016 Mazda 6!! When I first laid eyes on it I was like, "That's a Mazda??" I've seen the old Mazda 6's, 626's and I remember loving the Millenia (never ended up with one though). Mazda has really revamped their vehicles not only on the outside but the inside as well.

I got to drive a Sonic Silver Metallic 2016 I Grand Touring edition of the Mazda 6, well you can obviously see it's silver but I wonder who names the shades for the car makers....but anyway let's get into the features! First off, can we talk about how gorgeous this car is? The body styling is great, it had full leather interior, now everyone doesn't like leather especially with the cold weather months, but it has seat warmers! Those definitely came in handy. The ride is extremely smooth and the speed acceleration with it's 4-cylinder Skyactiv engine is really good. The gas mileage was great too even with the speed!

Now of course I was fascinated by all the technology packed inside, or as my son put it, "Mom look at all these buttons!!" As soon as you turn on the car, (did I mention that it's push-button start?) there touch screen panel in middle light's up and gives you access to navigation, Sirius XM, and other important settings in the car. Then right in your line of sight behind the steering wheel is a small screen that displays your speed (you really can't say you didn't know how fast you were going). In the middle console between the driver and passenger seats are controls so you don't have to fumble and reach for the touch screen while driving. Convenient and safe. In that same place is parking that's not a typo, there is a small button to activate your parking brake!

Touch screen panel

Center Console

Some of the safety features include the blind spot monitoring system, which will beep and also flash an indicator on your side mirrors when other vehicles are detected beside you. Also notable is the Lane departure warning system, it let's you know when you are drifting into another lane, it sounds like when you hit the rumble strips on the shoulder on the highway. It even has rain sensing windshield wipers. How cool is that, even though driving in the rain without them is silly.

 photo SAM_0365_zpsxsy3lhm5.jpg

And although this may sound silly, my absolute favorite feature on this vehicle (besides the XM radio and push-button start) was the power moonroof! I loved being able to enjoy the air without it being in my face and drowning my music. Honestly, if I didn't already have a vehicle I would look at Mazda 6, I'm a Nissan Gal. But for the model I drove the MSRP is just a little over $33,000 which isn't that bad. Mazda has really stepped their game up! They are also promoting the Mazda Drive 4 Good campaign and gave me a $25 gift card to use to donate to the charitable organization of my choice! I chose Safe Shores DC's Children's Advocacy Center.

*Disclosure: Product or service was provided for free or at reduced cost in exchange for my review, opinions are my own*


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