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Review: Cruising with ChicDivaGeek in the 2016 Mazda CX-3 Touring

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What has all wheel drive, 29MPG, and is Dynamic Blue Mica? The 2016 Mazda CX-3 that I got to drive! When it was first dropped off it definitely caught my eye with the bold blue exterior color, that and the fact that it's smaller than what I would normally drive. Yes, I am only 5'3" but I like cars with a little weight to them, and my son is almost my size so space is a necessary thing. But good things can come in small packages right?

The Mazda CX-3 houses a 2.0L engine, but like all the new Mazda models it has the SkyActiv technology. So a little pickup but not as much as the Mazda 6 but the fuel efficiency is great, especially considering the amount of stop and go traffic I deal with in the DC Metro area. $20 filled it up a couple of times, I say a couple because the tank holds 11.9 gallons and I drive quite a bit. Since we're transitioning to spring (at least that is what the calendar says) didn't really get to test out the AWD on this thing, but you don't see too many cars of this size with it either.

Now about the interior, it has black leatherette sport seats that were really comfortable, and I love a push button ignition. Call it convenience or laziness, but I like it. It had a moon roof and it was right on time with the days of sunshine. You can get air in the car but not have it in your face when you're riding around the beltway. The audio controls were right in the middle console as well as accessible on the touch screen LCD display that included GPS, Sirius XM, and HD radio. So I could always find some driving or stuck in traffic tunes.

Interior of Mazda CX-3

Interior of Mazda CX-3

It was fun car to drive, but I don't know think it's suited for someone with a small family and does alot of driving; i.e. Me. The trunk space is very small, so this is definitely a commuting type of vehicle or for a younger single person. On the plus side it has a built in cover so valuables are hidden tho. My gym bag took up the most of the trunk, so grocery shopping wasn't happening with anyone else in it. But oh if you are living in the city, man oh man can you fit in some parking spaces and the camera assist as well as blind spot monitoring comes in very handy!

Mazda CX-3 frontview

Mazda CX-3 trunk

The Mazda CX-3 Touring with all that's included on this model, retails for $26,150. Oh did I mention it comes with a 5 Star Safety Rating?


*Disclosure: Product or service was provided for free or at reduced cost in exchange for my review, opinions are my own*

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