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Redbox Instant: Verizon's answer to Netflix?

I pretty sure we are all familiar with the red kiosks outside of grocery stores, 7-Elevens, and various other stores. You can rent movies for $1.27/day and that's not a bad deal, it's cheaper than ordering itfrom your cable provider. Redbox has teamed up with Verizon to offer their own instant streaming service, Redbox Instant. The name pretty much describes the service, movies instantly and anywhere; on your computer, your laptop, your gaming console, and of course your phone/mobile device. For $8/month you get access to their instant streaming library, but you also get 4 redbox DVD credits per month (you can upgrade for an additional $1 to get blu-ray credits), you also get access to the latest movies on demand for about $3/month. Right now they are offering a free month trial, you can cancel anytime or you can keep it and pay $8/month.

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