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Quick Tips to free up space on your iPhone or Android

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If you're anything like me, your phone holds tons of pictures, is your pocket DJ for trips to the gym, and holds a ton of pictures...because c'mon who prints pictures out to capture memories anymore? Well with the upcoming release of iOS 10 and the recent release of Android Nougat, (Keep in mind each iteration of Android OS has to be modified through the carriers before it's made available to you) you're going to need to clear up some space to download the latest operating system for your device. So here are some quick tips to clear some space without completely purging all your digital data.

For my Android users.....

If you have an Android device this is one feature that I love! You can add an micro SD card, which come in varying sizes, to expand your storage on your phone. That way you can store app data, if the app allows it, as well as your photos, music, and videos. Another handy feature is the built-in storage feature (this can be found under settings) that will let you see exactly what is taking up space on your device. You can easily clear cached data (which is usually for offline use for apps or for quicker access) from this area as well.

For my iPhone users....

We all know that what you purchase in terms of iPhone storage size is what you get. But you also go into settings and manage/view what is using up the space on your iPhone from the Storage area in Settings. While there is no way to clear cached data by itself, I've found that you can delete the app and re-download it to free up space and get rid of the cached data (Facebook and Instagram cache alot of data). You of course can store your photos and things in iCloud, your phone comes with 5GB free, and anything more you would need to pay for. Right out the gate a 32GB is the best choice, 16GB sounds like alot but once you download apps, store some pictures and music, it's really not. For those of you that don't mind paying for a streaming service (and have a ton of data to use) Apple Music or Spotify are good alternatives to storing music directly on your device (I'm still doing this, and periodically have to go through and delete some songs because..well I don't like them as much as I thought lol).

Hope these tips helped and see you tomorrow for the Apple Event recap!


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