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Product Review: Home Screen Router

photo: Home Screen Router

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I come bearing plenty of techie goodness! While I've been away I had the chance to use the Home Screen Router. This little device, that can fit in the palm of your two hands, can function as a standalone router, or a range extender.

The device which boasts a small touchscreen and built in setup wizard was really simple to setup. I'm not just saying that. My dad could've done it. I took it out of the box, removed the plastic, and plugged it in. Once it was plugged up the device powered on, and the wizard came up. It began with asking what I was going to set it up as, a router or a range extender. Since I have one of those all in one cable routers with built in wifi, I went with the range extender option. It prompted me to pull the stylus from the upper right side of the device, it blended in so well I didn't even notice it. Also a note, the screen is very responsive to the touch of your finger so the stylus isn't necessary but comes in handy when having to type in information on the screen.

unpacking the router, Photo: My Samsung camera

setting up the router Photo: My Samsung Camera

Since I chose to set it up as a range extender it will amplify the strength of the signal of my current wireless network. This is also good when you have alot of devices connected in the house as well. The password information for connecting to the signal from the Home Screen Router is the same as my current setup. Now with that all done, it's now time to connect the Home Screen Account to the router. I ended up having to contact support as when I tried to download the app it wouldn't let me create my account from the app so I had to go through the web interface. Now with that all connected I can see and control the settings on my Home Screen Router from there! Can also mention that their support team was extremely helpful. I feel that the app should work fluidly with the device but all in due time I suppose. I think I will get a true test of this when I use it in a larger space, I have an apartment. I didn't get to test the functionality of the sensors, since I don't have any, but the feature has potential. The app is available on iOS and Android. The Home Screen Router is available on Amazon for $99.99 but readers of my blog can use the code CHICDIVA for a %10 discount. I was given the device in exchange for my review of the product. ~ChicDivaGeek

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