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Pro Tip..Moving your iPhone photos to your external drive

Photo Andrew Neels via Pexels

Remember when I shared ways to organize and clean things up digitally? Some times you just gotta delete some stuff. No wait wait, that's clearly not something I need to teach you. But in a time where our phones literally hold all our photo memories that's not something you necessarily want to do. So I'm gonna walk you through how to move your iPhone photos from your phone to your backup drive, or your computer.

Moving your photos off your iPhone on a Mac

So if you're a Mac owner you want to first connect your external drive to your Macbook...if you're using the the newer ones you're going to need an USB-C adapter as there are no full size ports on the newer ones.

  1. Next you're going to connect your iPhone.

  2. Make sure both the backup drive and your phone are showing in finder, they'd be showing on the left side of the screen where you'd switch between folders

  1. Once they're both connected, go to the upper right hand corner of your Mac, where the time is and click the search icon. Type in "Image Capture" and open that application. Allow it a little bit to connect to your iPhone and load up your photos.

  1. You're going to click on the area where it says Import To to select the folder or drive you're going to import your phone pictures to

  1. Once you select the destination, you hit Import if you only want certain ones imported (You can do this with the command - click, to select to certain items, or click- shift to select a certain range of photos that are all together) or just hit Import All and start moving them over.

Moving your phone off your iPhone on a Windows laptop

So there's a few less steps if you're doing this from a Windows machine. Connect your drive and your phone. Your iPhone will show up like you connected another external drive, if it doesn't make sure iTunes is installed, that's where Windows pulls the driver from to recognize it.

Next you're going to open an Explorer window (so that little folder icon on the task bar) look for your iPhone, it's going to show up like a drive but it'll say iPhone. Double click on it , then double-click Internal Storage, then the DCIM folder. Your photos are in there. Move the photos you want to the external drive, or just move them to a folder on your computer. Either way they're off your phone, free space, and memories preserved!

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