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Poke, Chat, Like...and now you can sell! Facebook rolls out MarketPlace feature

Facebook Marketplace (Photo: Facebook Newsroom)

You may or may not have noticed the new icon at the bottom of your Facebook app that looks like a little storefront. Well it's exactly what it looks like, Facebook announced the new feature yesterday. It will allow you to buy and sell items with your community. This actually kind of makes sense, at least you have some type of connection with the people instead of randomly scrolling through Craigslist. *You could previously sell things in groups so this is a more formal expansion of that*

If you've got items that you don't want to keep anymore, just upload them to MarketPlace and sell them. You're already spending time on Facebook anyway right? You do have to post the price, description and your location when adding items to sell. Facebook however doesn't handle the payments that is between you and the buyer. But with things like PayPal and Square Cash I don't think that's a huge issue. But Facebook does have that feature that allows you send money too, soooo.


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