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Playstation Now: Streaming video game service from Sony

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Sony, the creator of PlayStation, announced the new video game streaming service PlayStation Now at CES 2014. This is following the outstanding sales of the company's latest console release, the PlayStation 4, the system has sold 4.2 million units since it's November 2013 release. PlayStation Now is a video game streaming service from Sony that will allow you to stream video games, more noticeably older video games on almost any platform. The service is subscription based, so think if Spotify and Netflix had a kid, if that makes sense. That is essentially how it works. The service does offer rentals. When the service becomes available it will initially start with streaming PS3 games to PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita, and the newest line of Sony Bravia TVs. The service is cloud based, and Sony has not announced if it will be bringing PS2 and PS One games to the service, but you never know. The PlayStation now service will eventually be available on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) but no date has been given. The service is slated for release this summer. There is also no pricing information at this time. If you want to get the latest news from Sony about PlayStation Now, you can sign up here: P.S.: It is also reported that GameStop shares dropped when this news was released. ~ChicDivaGeek

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