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Parental Control software, Norton Family

Did you get the kids in your family new gadgets for the holidays? If you did chances are that you like most parents have the same general concerns about what you child is viewing or accessing while on the web or what apps they are downloading. Norton Family allows you to manage the content your children have access to on their mobile devices. There are two versions of the software, Norton Family and Norton Family Premier. Norton Family is the free version, offering parents the basic features: 1Web Supervision, so you can see what sites your kids are visiting and also block sites you don't want them on; 2Social Network Monitoring, let's you track what your kids are doing on social media; 3Time supervision, so you can set how long your child is online. There is also an app that allows you to track the activities from your smartphone or mobile device. The Premier version offers a few more bells and whistles such as Video Monitoring, so you see what videos your kids are watching on YouTube or Hulu; 2Mobile App Supervision (for Android devices), which shows you what apps your kids have downloaded as well as block certain types of apps or a specific one; 3Text Message Supervision that will allow you to see what your kids are texting, as well as control who they can exchange messages with. This version also includes weekly/monthly activity reports sent to your email. The Premier version is $49.99/yr. Norton Family

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