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Outlook, GMail...Amazon WorkMail??

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"You've got mail" well that's not what we hear when we get email but still. Email is the one of the most prominent ways that we communicate for businesses or contact nowadays. If you have an email address most likely you are using,, for your personal email or small business. On the large scale business/enterprise side you are most likely using Microsoft. Well, now there will be another option soon, Amazon WorkMail. Amazon has been slowly working it's way into the enterprise side of things with it's AWS (Amazon Web Services) division. Amazon WorkMail is managed through the cloud service of AWS. Now this doesn't mean that you couldn't use Outlook clients to access your email it would be more or less the skeleton on which your company's email service runs. You can also access the email service via your web browser or through other third party email clients.

Workmail webview photo credit: Amazon

Amazon Workmail can work with a company's existing Active Directory configuration. It also comes with data encryption keys that are managed by you. The service also offers low per user pricing, per person with 50GB of storage it's just $4/month.


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