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photo courtest of Outlook Blog ( Sounds like another web address right? Well in this regard you would be correct. But it's more than that, is now the new web email service. Microsoft which was known for,, and for personal email service, are now supplying the world with a new personal email service, For some this is not a big deal and for others, like me, it's pretty interesting and gets my geek blood boiling. Now no one likes to just up and change their email because of the domain, and for some of you, those that have a Microsoft account (i.e. hotmail, live, or msn) already, you don't have to. You only have to create an alias under your settings in your current account. There is also an option to switch to the view from within your current Live, MSN, or Hotmail account. The interface is crisp and clean, more simplified than what many personal email services offer. You also get access to Microsoft's SkyDrive which a cloud storage service that allows you to access documents from anywhere, enables you to send large files easier as well. also enables you to make use of the Microsoft web apps, you can edit and view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files from within your inbox. You can go to and sign up for a new address today.

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