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One shoe to go with every outfit! Meet Volvorii Timeless Smart High Heel

Photo credit: Volvorii Timeless shoe site

How often are we in the store and need to find shoes to go with that perfect outfit in the closet? Well the company Ishuu may have a solution to our endless racks of shoes in our closets ladies; the Volvorii Timeless Smart High Heel shoe.

This shoe's design and color scheme can be controlled via an app. Can you imagine, having one shoe that matches everything?? This is fashion meets technology in a good way, because as we know that doesn't always go well. So how does this work? The shoe has embedded electronic paper display and Bluetooth LE module, and wireless charging. There are also to fasteners on the front and back of the shoe for adding on additional accessories. The company hopes to open an online shop where you can purchase add-ons for the shoe and where vendors can sell additional accessories as well.

The company is based out of Vilnius, Lithuania. They are currently raising funds on IndieGoGo with just 23 days left in the campaign. They've raised over $16,000 of their $50,000 goal. You can contribute $249 and get you a pair of Volvorii Timeless shoes before they go to retail at $499. The shoe is also Dragon Innovation certified.


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