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New Year, New Apps to help get on and keep you on track

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

First off Hi!!!! It's been a while! But it's a new year, and it's the first Tech Tuesday of 2019! So with that I thought I'd share with you some apps that'll help you with those new year goals or just help in general. So here goes!

Managing your Subscriptions

So at the top of the year, we're usually thinking about how to manage our money, because we don't want to take those some money mismanagement habits into the new year or we just want to do better period. I don't know about you but I have a lot of subscriptions I've signed up for or recurring payments that automatically come out of my account. Now I get notifications from my bank when things clear but I really need to get a handle on how much and when it's leaving.


Meet, Bobby..not a guy, an app lol. Bobby, not only helps you track your subscriptions but will send notifications when a bill is due. You can chose from common ones to add like Netflix, Spotify, Adobe (I always cry a little when that one clears lol).

The app is free to download on iOS. *I've already downloaded it lol*


I didn't forget about my Android users, you can get the same type of app but it's name is Billy. Not being funny, that's the name of the app I swear lol. It's also a free download for Android so no excuses!

Organizing your life...well it'll help

With creating new goals, you have to create new habits and processes, so you have to organize your life. Alot of people (me included) get a new planner at the top of the year, or new journal, whatever the case to start fresh and do better. So while I have my lovely happy planner mini, I've also been on the search for an app that helps organize my to-do's with my business, work, and my life. I feel like I'm always forgetting something. So I came across two that may help you....


You may or may not have heard of AirTable, chances are if you've worked on any type of collaborative effort (literally any kind) you have come across it or had someone send you something with it. It's great for organizing your thoughts, plans, or if you are a blogger like me, then it can also be a content (editorial) calendar.

It comes with tons of premade templates to fit whatever you need!

This one is used primarily from one's computer, but there's an app for iOS and Android!

What's the new year without fitness goals??

So of course people are going to be piling into the gyms and hogging all the equipment the first few weeks of the year, with their new years fitness goals. But you really want to try and stick yours out, heck or even just restart (that's where I am..all the time, I'm a roller coaster fitness person it goes up and down). So I've gotta include some fitness apps in this roundup, because look good, feel good, right?

My Fitness Pal

So this isn't a new one but a recurring one, because it's good! You can track your exercise and the database of foods, and portions for tracking your calories is so good! With My Fitness Pal You can track your food intake and calories daily down to teaspoon portions! It divides things up by breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even scan barcodes in the app to get nutrition information quickly! It can even sync with your FitBit. It's also free for both Android and iOS

So these are just a few, you know I'll keep you updated with more! So what are some apps you already use? You gonna download some of these for the new year?

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