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New Microsoft Windows 10

Today Microsoft unveiled what many were expecting to be Windows 9, I mean if you follow numerical order and silly things like that, but they threw us for a loop and announced Windows 10! Today it unveiled it's technical preview to give us a look at what we can expect from the next incarnation of Windows. Windows 10 is such a huge leap that they decided it would be best to skip over 9 per VP of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson. The new OS will run across a wide range of devices from phones to touch screen computers. They've reincorporated the Start menu (thank goodness!) which was a huge pain for many users that were use to having that option. It looks as though Microsoft took Windows 7 and Windows 8 and combined the best parts to make Windows 10. On the start menu, you can now have tiles (Windows 8 feature) and they can be resized. The Snap feature is also there, I personally love this feature on Windows 7, it's especially handy when I don't have two monitors to work with. They've added a Task view button to the task bar, so no more having to control+alt+del to get to what's running. Now for my IT people out there, I was sooo excited to see that some improvements have been made to the command prompt! You can now paste directories into the command prompt using the CTRL+V, seriously this is a huge thing for me when working in command prompt. It seems that Microsoft took the lack of conversion to Windows 8 and consumer feedback seriously, so much so that they are launching a Windows Insider Program so that customers can provide feedback. Windows 10 is slated for launch later in 2015 so plenty of time to garner feedback from beta versions and make improvements. I expect more news to be announced at Microsoft's Build conference in April 2015. So are you excited about Windows 10? ~ChicDivaGeek

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