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Need more space...Tips to free up space on your phone

The days of 8GB storage on our phones are long gone. Most phones these days come with at minimum 16GB of storage space.  For many of us we've seen that dreaded "there's not enough space" message.  It happens when it's time to download the latest update, or worse when it's time to take a photo.  But I've got a few ways you can clear up space on your phone. 

#1 get a new phone with more space...kidding...kidding Look if you're like me, and quite possibly balling on a budget (listen I don't have it like that lol), then chances are you can't upgrade whenever the new phone comes out.  Now before you say why don't you just back your photos up to iCloud, remember how many times that thing has been hacked. So I'll pass. But easiest way to start is to check your storage settings on your phone, look at what is taking up the most space.  Naturally it tends to be photos and music.  Even if you have a streaming service on your phone, if you're listening to music offline, then it's stored on your phone.  To do this go to Settings-->General-->iPhone Storage. You can see your total storage for your phone, and what apps and things are taking up the most space. They're listed in order from largest to smallest. For some apps, you can offload it to free up the storage used by the app and for some you can delete and reinstall it.  This deletes the storage or cached built up by the app.

What if I have an Android? Managing storage on the Android is actually easier in the sense that you can just add more, you don't have to go buy another device.  Most of them have microSD slots, so you can add a microSD card and simply add more storage.  My son has a LG Android phone, it came with just 16GB of space, and games can fill that up quickly.  So everytime he wanted to download an update or new game he had to get rid of one.  I purchased a 32GB microSD for less than $10 from Walmart..problem solved.

External Storage option Now it's the norm really to capture memories, moments and post them online. Sometimes we're just capturing the moments and keeping them to ourselves.  Either way, chances are you don't want to delete the pictures to make room for more.  I also know alot of people don't ever connect their device to iTunes (for my Apple users) to back up anything and to move things around.  So there are USB devices you can connect directly to your iPhone to save files, photos to and transfer them between your computer and your phone.  The SanDisk iXpand USB/Lightning flash drive is simple and straightforward.  They run between $25-180 (the more expensive ones of course are for more space, they go up to 256GB in size)

So nothing groundbreaking but a few quick ways to save some space, add more or just clean up!

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