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Monday Motivation the techie way....Add a bit of sparkle to your morning routine with Shine text

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Mondays are the beginning of a new week and when your alarm goes off that's the start of a new day. Often times we all need a little push or that extra reminder to keep going or finish strong. So rather than wait until your favorite Instagram account posts a inspirational saying, you can sign up for Shine.

What is Shine?

"Shine is a daily text experience to help you be your best self at work and life. Every morning, we'll send you actionable tips and content around confidence, daily happiness, mental health, or productivity." ~

So simply put it's a text program that you can sign up for completely free (of course text messaging rates apply...*pretend you read that in the commercial voice-over sounding voice lol* ). You can also have them sent through Facebook Messenger. The sign up process is easy, just go to their site, and put in your name, phone number and email. Then they will text you a few messages asking how you heard about them, confirm your zipcode for scheduling purposes and confirm if you want messages daily or weekly. The messages are sent about 8:15 am every morning, so that sounds like peak commute time to me, and right before you get into your work day. Think of it like a digital cup of coffee to get you going.

So if you can use a little daily or weekly pick me up, sign up!

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