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Microsoft's Xbox Reveal Recap

This post is for my fellow gamers. This week Microsoft finally unveiled it's new Xbox console and it's called the Xbox One. Most were thinking that it would be called Xbox 720, or something along those lines, but the name signifies Microsoft's push to make this the one device you will need for entertainment. The console and it's core components (kinect and controller) have been given a refresh, with a sleek a slightly glossier look. With this latest incarnation of the console, Microsoft is looking to make the entertainment experience interconnected, but simplified with universal gestures and voice commands. During the reveal, Yusuf Mehdi, simply said "Xbox on" and the console turned on. It looks as though the Xbox is becoming more and more like a PC (not surprising since it is Microsoft). Did I mention that Microsoft is planning on making an operating system that would merge Xbox and Windows??? The new Kinect has a 1080p camera and boasts an understanding of skeletal movement. The Xbox controller now has an intergrated battery as well (finally no more ridiculous amount of AA batteries around the house. But Microsoft is waiting until E3 to release more information, so as of right now no price but here are a few more specs that we do know.

  1. Eight-core processor

  2. AMD graphics

  3. 8GB of RAM

  4. Blu-ray, USB 3.0, HDMI in/out

  5. and a 500GB hard drive I wonder what else Microsoft has in store?

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