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Microsoft Office Lens makes its way to iOS and Android

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Following the release of their popular Microsoft Office apps to iOS and Android, Microsoft has followed it up by releasing it's scanning app Microsoft Office Lens to the iOS and to the test community for Android platforms as well. Initially the app was native to Windows phones only. What is Office Lens you ask? Well it's a scanner on your phone.

It allows you to scan/capture images of physical documents and make them digital. You can convert the images into Word , PowerPoint, or PDF files. The files can be saved to Microsoft One Note, which I love by the way, it's basically a digital notebook. I grab all my little ideas and place them in it. But moving right along, the app also has Document Mode, so you can grab and color images precisely and there is also Whiteboard mode so you can capture those lovely ideas that go up in meetings but you didn't have time to write down on paper.

Office Lens screenshot from iTunes

Office Lens screenshot from iTunes

This app is free by the way and for you on the go entrepreneurs and networking professionals this may come in handy.


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