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Meet Prynt, the Instant Camera Case

Photo credit: Prynt Kickstarter site

We live in an age of digital sharing, but remember when we used to actually have to print pictures by getting them developed or instantly with a Polaroid camera? I remember having a Polaroid camera ( jeez the film was expensive) and being able to touch that moment I captured. While we can't go backwards we can move forward and on that note, I give you Prynt the instant camera case for iPhone and Android. This case is concept is simple, you place your phone in it, take a picture and then print! It's simple. The case has it's own internal battery so it won't drain your device battery. You don't have to load ink into it, the ink is in the paper that will be used. The paper is $5/pack which can be ordered through the app, which is currently still in development. The project is currently in it's last week on Kickstarter with over 1 million in funding already. The product is expected to ship to most backers this summer. The case is only $99 and 10 sheets of paper are included in that. The case is compatible with iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, and Galaxy S4 and S5. ~ChicDivaGeek

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