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Meet New Tech Startup: CanUStart and CanUStart logo courtesy of CanUStart

Technology is a landscape that is constantly changing to meet or improve upon a societal need, this past week I had the opportunity to interview new tech start up, CanUStart. The company is hiring platform for the restaurant/food service industry which is notorious for having high turnover. It is meant to fill the gap between managers and help fill immediate staffing needs. The company CanUStart, was founded by Tamar Lucien, a former staffing manager, and Kwame Ampem, a tech developer. Tamar saw a need to help restaurant owners better facilitate the hiring process as this can become quite cumbersome in their efforts to effectively run other parts of their business. The site allows candidates to upload a 1:30 video resume, get job offer alerts via text message and email while allowing employers quick access to talent for hire. Check out some of my interview below with co-founder Tamar Lucien! CDG: I see that you were inspired to start this company because you saw a need for it as the food service business has high turnover, have you ever worked in that industry yourself? TL: I had a very short lived restaurant work experience. I'm probably the worst waitress in history, lol I dropped dishes all day. I've come to really appreciate all servers after that. I was in college at the time. CDG: I really like that you guys have this available across multiple platforms TL: Correct, Currently CanUStart is specific to restaurant/hospitality industry but will expand to all industries soon. CDG: Do you have plans to develop apps or just improve upon the mobile site functionality? TL: Our mission is to make accepting a job being as east as checking text message. Yes app coming out this fall. I really enjoyed this interview so if you are in the hospitality industry and need to find staff or you're a person looking to get hired, I think you should check out ~ChicDivaGeek

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