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Meet Chef Watson!

Image originally appeared on CNNMoney/Gwen Sung

IBM's computer Watson has went to culinary school, meet Chef Watson! Now before you go crazy no Watson won't have it's mouse and keyboard in your stew or casserole. The concept is that you tell it what ingredients you have and what type of dish you want, then it searches known recipes and then gives you a suggestion. You know for one of those nights when you forgot to go to the store and you need dinner with what you have on hand. Now of course you also may have a particular craving for let's say mushrooms, but you want a casserole,Chef Watson will try to find recipes for you, it even suggests things that will go well with it. So Watson is actually more a sous chef. IBM is currently working on an app with Bon Appetit but if you want to get early access to Chef Watson you can sign up to receive an invitation here. I've signed up, I'm no Master Chef but I definitely want to expand my culinary skills and if I can bring technology into it why not? ~ChicDivaGeek

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