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Maximizing your Instagram Business Profile

Chances are if you have a smartphone, you're utilizing one of the big 3 apps for social media. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Today I wanted to share some tips on making the most out of your Instagram profile, especially if it's a business profile.  Most people have a side hustle of some kind so if you haven't switched to a business profile you should.


Now this isn't a business profile specific feature, but highlights from your stories should be apart of your profile.  Highlights are those little circles on people's profile pages, that show certain stories they chose to highlight.  Let's say you offered tips or covered an event in your stories, you can add that as a highlight so people or even brands can see what you've done. Especially since Stories disappear after 24 hours.

Contact options...use them! Now of course most people have the email and phone buttons on their business profile. Those are the default ones, but have you taken a look at the other contact options? Stylists, there's a button you can add directly to your profile if you use Acuity, StyleSeat, Booksy, MyTime and a few others.  Selling tickets to an event, you can add a tickets button via EventBrite.  PR/Marketing people, you can even add movie ticket buttons via Fandango and Atom Tickets.  Got a restaurant? People can make reservations via OpenTable, Yelp, and even place an order from GrubHub. SO

A few more So of course you should have a bio, and you definitely need to have a website in your profile too if you're a business.  But did you also know you can add hashtags, and other IG account names to your profile so it makes it easier for customers or other users with common interests to find you! So update that description. If you have other accounts "@'ing" them in your profile makes it an easy follow for people and connects you to your brand. Have you subscribed to the blog yet to make sure you don't miss any posts? Sign up today!

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