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Many Hands makes light work, check out the Chip'N app

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

There are tons of different sayings about working together. "It takes a village", "Do more together", "Many Hands make light work".  Whatever your favorite saying or however you phrase it, the message is the same, do something!  Now It could be that you're not connected to the right groups or on the right email lists so you may not know where to start.  Maybe you're the only one in your group that does volunteer type activities? The Chip'N app is here to help create social impact by bridging that gap between community and corporate.  Seems appropriate with it being National Volunteer Week huh?

What is the Chip'N app?

Chip’N is an “Economy for Good” that provides individuals with opportunities to create change through technology. Chip'N of course is an app first. But what it does is connect those that want to help in their communities.  You've got an app that presents you with opportunities to serve. If you're an organizer of those kinds of events you've got a platform that allows you to reach those people that can help you.  The thing that makes it different the users get rewarded for doing good! As you participate you're rewarded with chips, and then you can use those chips to purchase goods from brands you know, (not the fundraiser prizes but good things!) or you can even get tickets to events! The Chip'N app has some partners from right here in the DC area too!
  1. District Department of Parks and Recreation

  2. Family Matters DC

  3. DC Central Kitchen

  4. Anacostia Watershed Society You may also have heard of one of their partners a festival name Broccoli City!  Which is next weekend by the way.  They've been giving free tickets to participants of certain community events via Chip'N.  Do good and get good in return.

Connecting community in the digital age I think that in the age we live in, based off the way we consume information that an app is a great idea for most businesses. But this is going to be a huge facilitator for how organizations and corporations connect to the community and in turn how those who want to help get connected.  Reach people where they are which is usually on their phone or not far from it.  The rewards incentivize doing good, now don't get me wrong, I am all for doing it for the cause, as I know many of those that I am connected to are as well.  But this could only help, get more involved.  I know for a fact that some people are looking for a way to get involved, others may only do it for the rewards but does that matter if they're helping? The Chip'N app is available for free to download on iOS and Android.  What are you waiting for go download it!

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