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Make a Keyboard Button Out of Anything With MaKey MaKey

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Shift key not working, well fix it with a blueberry muffin. No seriously. MaKey Makey, the creation from JoyLabz allows you to connect items to the MaKey Makey (pictured above) with the alligator clips and then connect the USB cable to the computer. Simple right? You get to put on your inventors hat and go to work! I think the thing that is pretty awesome about this is that anyone can use it. A tool for kids to get into inventing or adults that want to dabble. You can use Ketchup (my son would love this lol), coins, silverware, plants, clay, the list goes on and on. So I wonder if I can make my own little cupcake keyboard or one out of shoes? Either way, let your imagination guide you with this one.


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